Asian Games includes PUBG as target shooting and racing event

Ahead of the next Asian Games to be held in September 2022, there is a lot of excitement for Esports fans due to some inclusions. The popular battle royale game named PUBG has made its way as an official Asian Games event this year. Also, it will not be included as a battle royale event but will feature events like target shooting and racing as part of its medals.

The Asian Esports Federation has released a schedule for the event and outlined the format to be followed. The format will be different from the normal battle royale mode that is usually associated with PUBG.

The provisional rules are as follows. Sixteen players/four teams will participate in each game. A match will involve different stages and each stage will have its own target shooting mission. After this shooting event, the designated team will then drive a vehicle onto the race track/designated path. The winner and seeding will be determined based on the teams that complete the race event.

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