Beeville hosts nationwide running event

The Texas Mile is a racing event held in Beeville that allows amateurs and professionals to test their vehicles in a speed race.

BEEVILLE, Texas – Some of the fastest cars, trucks and motorcycles in the country are in Beeville this weekend. They all participate in the Texas Mile which allows professional and amateur drivers to test their skills and that of their vehicle.

Because as far as the eye could see, there were all kinds of RVs, trailers and racing cars lined up at Chase Field in Beeville.

Amateur and professional runners from across the country come to test their skills. Hoping their engine can push them up to 200mph or more. They do it on an old one-and-a-half-mile track at a former Navy training base.

Avid driver John Cross came from Kansas to test his 2016 Challenger Hellcat. Over the years, Cross has modified his car. Although he looks like a professional racing driver, Cross is actually a full-time preacher.

“I knew if God was going to bless me with this and I was going to have fun with it,” Cross said. “I needed to name people for him so it’s more of a hobby.”

Beeville town officials were excited about the three-day event which is now back after being moved to Victoria. Bee Area Partnership President and CEO Randy Seitz said the event not only attracts spectators, but also generates significant revenue.

“It generates roughly $ 2 million that it is putting back into our economy because of this event here in our community,” Seitz said.

Even Beeville City Manager John Benson understands how beneficial the event is to the community.

“A very unique opportunity and event to be had here and another way to generate business for the community,” said Benson.

Texas Mile organizers have said they are not going anywhere in the future and plan to make Beeville the permanent home of the three-day race.

The city is considering repaving the old naval runway at a cost of $ 2 million. In the meantime, the Texas Mile organization will be able to use another track here in much better condition.

Texas Mile co-owner Shannon Matus said the new trail will help with planning for future events.

“With the use of the new track, we will be able to expand and host additional events. We will be hosting a half-mile event here, as well as a Texas Mile,” said Matus.

Residents of Beeville might agree that the Texas Mile was a Halloween treat wrapped in more power than most people could handle.

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