Brabham Automotive launches its second racing car

Australian supercar maker Brabham Automotive continues to score internationally with its BT62 vehicle winning the GTO class title in the British GT Cup and its latest model, the BT63 GT2 Concept (pictured) making its debut on the Circuit Paul Ricard, in France.

The company is making 100 BT62s at a factory in North Adelaide with the BT63 GT2 Concept, a specially designed version for the Danish High Class Racing team on October 1-2.

Brabham Automotive CEO Dan Marks took to social media and said: “Congratulations to BT62 Competition Spec owner Paul Bailey and co-driver Ross Wylie on winning the GTO class title in the UK Championship. of the GT Cup this weekend.

“As the BT63 GT2 concept debuted in France, Bailey and Wylie secured their title in the UK.

“The season has been filled with plenty of podiums, fastest laps and an outright win at Silverstone.”

The Brabham BT63 GT2 Concept incorporates a number of significant changes from its unrestricted predecessor, the BT62.

Chief among them, it has slightly less power from its naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V8, while carrying more weight in accordance with GT2 power-to-weight regulations.

It has a purpose-built aerodynamic package derived from the BT62R, with the splitter, diffuser and rear wing configured for minimum drag and maximum straight-line speed.

It also has a set of competition-grade steel brakes from Brembo.

The lightweight chromoly safety cell, carbon fiber body and adjustable double wishbone suspension were also carried over from the BT62R.

Marks said the company was pleased with the quality of the BT63 GT2 concept.

Photos: Brabham Automotive/

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