Bugatti Chiron versus Formula 1 racing car in a drag race

Getty Image / Bryn Lennon

  • Formula 1 is the premier racing circuit on the planet and the Bugatti Chiron is one of the fastest legal super cars ever made.
  • The Bugatti Chiron has a top speed of 261 mph and goes from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds, but how does that compare to an F1 car on a Drag Race track? Only one way to find out
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I had these two friends in high school who spent countless hours a week arguing over which cars were the best. It was usually an argument over the Dodge Viper versus the Corvette, but they would branch out to debate the Camaro versus the Mustang and others. It’s like this Bugatti Chiron vs. Formula One Car drag racing video was made for them.

They were never able to put their money where they were and test these cars one-on-one on the track because we were broke kids. It only reinforces my belief that successful YouTubers have the best jobs on the planet. Someone said to me ‘hey let’s see if an F1 car or a Bugatti Chiron is faster’ and someone else said ‘yes we can do it and get paid for it’.

I didn’t expect the Bugatti Chiron to win this race. You could. I did not do it. But they are really neck and neck. It’s closer than I ever imagined. The race itself starts around 4:30 am in this video if you want to take action:

Closer than expected, right?

The Formula 1 Red Bull RB7 took just 9.2 seconds to cover the quarter-mile track. The Bugatti Chiron needed 9.6 seconds to cover the quarter-mile track. I would have expected a gap wider than just 0.4 seconds between the two cars. But maybe I grossly overestimate the speed of Formula 1 cars while also underestimating the Bugatti Chiron, probably because I’ve never seen a Chiron really open the engine in person.

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