‘Dangerous’ street racing event sees 47 drivers caught speeding – including one clocked at 97mph

Nearly 50 drivers were caught speeding during a police crackdown on street racers. Officers gave up their days off to take part in the operation across the A460 and A449 in South Staffordshire.

A total of 47 motorists were caught speeding during the operation at a sprint event scheduled for Sunday March 20. Officers from the Central Motoring Police Group (CMPG) also seized a vehicle and flagged eight motorists for offenses including driving without insurance, driving faulty vehicles. and dangerous driving.

One driver was clocked at 97 mph. Chief Inspector Dave Wain, of the South Staffordshire Borough Police Team, said: “The perpetrators who run these dangerous racing events are causing significant distress and danger to local residents and innocent road users. .

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“We will continue to limit drivers who do not respect the roads in the county and will directly address the concerns of our communities.”

A spokesman for the force added: “Officers continue to crack down on street racing in South Staffordshire. [On] On Sunday March 20, a number of Central Motoring Police Group (CMPG) officers gave up their days off to carry out a proactive operation targeting scheduled racing events on the A460 and A449.

“A total of eight motorists were reported for offenses including: driving without insurance, driving faulty vehicles and dangerous driving. In addition, one vehicle was impounded and 47 other drivers were caught speeding – with 97 miles per hour (mph) recorded in a case.”

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