Discover the Porsche Mission R concept, a fully electric sports racing car for customers

KUALA LUMPUR: Porsche has a spectacular look into the future of the automotive industry in mind and is visible through the Mission R concept car.

Currently on display at IIA Mobility 2021 in Munich, the Porsche concept is an amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable materials (natural fiber-reinforced plastics). Without forgetting his passion for racing.

Further supporting its sports car characteristics, the Mission R concept features a progressive design, characteristic lines of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, and it is extremely low.

In terms of power, it has two newly developed electric motors that deliver a maximum power of 1,088 PS in the so-called qualifying mode. Its 80 kWh battery and innovative recovery system make sprint races a reality without losing power. On the performance side, the car with the help of the all-wheel drive system can complete the sprint of the century in just 2.5 seconds and its top speed is rated at 300 mph.

Features of the Porsche Mission R concept

In addition, on the track, the Porsche electric car achieves the same lap time as the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. All thanks to the newly designed battery cells and electric motors, the concept produces a constant power of 680 PS in racing mode.

Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG said:
“Porsche is the brand for people who make their dreams come true. This is also true in motorsport. We experience our innovative strength on the racetrack, show courage in exploring new avenues and delight car owners with sporty performance. “

Top view of the Porsche Mission R concept

He added: “In addition to our involvement in the Formula E World Championship, we are now taking the next big step forward in electric mobility. Concept study is our vision for all-electric customer motorsport. The Mission R embodies everything that makes Porsche strong: performance, design and durability. “

Charging-wise, the Mission R only needs a 15-minute break to charge its battery from 5 to 80% – all of this is possible thanks to advanced 900-volt technology and Porsche Turbo Charging. .

Porsche Mission R Concept Specifications

What else? The Mission R features a further development of Porsche active aerodynamics with a drag reduction system on the rear fender (adjustable, two-piece) and front section (three louvers on each side of the air intakes).

As mentioned above, this particular Porsche focuses on sustainability, including reducing CO2 emissions. It is largely made of plastic reinforced with natural fibers and is used for the side skirts, front spoiler lip, diffuser, interior door panels, seat and rear bulkhead.

Porsche Mission R concept cabin

The cabin focuses largely on the driver and has a screen ergonomically placed between the steering wheel and the controls. While this displays relevant data during the race, the monitor above the steering displays images from the side mirror cameras and the center mirror camera. In addition, there is a camera to the right of the seat and several other cameras offering exciting footage.

Design of the Porsche Mission R concept

From a safety point of view, it features a carbon fiber composite material structure that offers a high potential of protection for the driver. The newly developed carbon roof structure is called an “exoskeleton” and combines a safety cage and a roof skin.

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