Ferrari racing car wrecked after overturning parked Range Rover in ‘explosion-like’ crash on residential street

A FERRARI racing car has been completely destroyed on a quiet residential street after it flipped a RANGE ROVER in a high-speed crash.

Photographs of the red sports car – which appears to be covered in racing stickers – show it with a totally creased bonnet.


A resident of the street says the Ferrari’s roar sounded like Formula 1 before the massive crashCredit: Gary Smith

A Range Rover was left flipped on its side in the driveway of a nearby house following the carnage in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Suffolk Police were called to the scene on Lindbergh Road in the east of the town at 7.04am on Saturday.

Police were then seen inspecting the wrecked cars after the crash and two police cars appeared to have blocked it.

The road was cordoned off while cops dealt with the accident, but the road has since been reopened and traffic is moving smoothly.

SuffolkLive reported that a person had been arrested by police after an accident on a residential street in Ipswich involving the Ferrari racing car.

The force did not confirm whether the detained person was driving either car.

Street resident Gary Smith, 51, said he heard the Ferrari rocket on the road “full throttle” before he heard a huge crash.

He told The Sun Online: “It was going as fast as this car would go, it was flat out.

“I was just thinking what was going on, it felt like Formula 1.”

Gary – who has lived on the street since 1999 – said the car then slammed into a parked Range Rover, flipping it on its side.

He said the crash was so loud it sounded like an “explosion.”

The engineer recounted how about thirty seconds after the crash, the engine miraculously “restarted” and the driver tried to move it but with little luck.

The 51-year-old said the owner of the overturned Range Rover was “in disbelief” that a racing car could send a 2.5-tonne engine into the air.

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“It’s not every day that you wake up and see this,” Gary said.

Suffolk Constabulary were unable to confirm anything except that one person had been arrested following the incident and no members of the public were injured.

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