Festival of Motoring motor racing event gets green light for Joondalup

A two-day motoring extravaganza not seen anywhere else in Australia has been given the green light for downtown Joondalup.

The first 2022 Motor Festival is scheduled for October and will feature a range of car types hitting the streets, as well as car exhibitions and competitions.

It is proposed to create five festival enclosures to link the competition and non-competition areas, which could include food trucks, market stalls and live music.

This could include a Route 66 neighborhood themed around Hollywood heroes, Elvis, Al Capone’s Cadillac, and modern car franchises, such as The Fast and The Furious.

Britain could feature the Mini Cooper, classic MG and reliable Land Rover, and Land Down Under could feature V8s and the iconic Holden vs. Ford battle.

The festival was inspired by the Joondalup City Speed ​​Classic held in the late 1990s, to promote the city as the “Heart of the North” after its separation from Wanneroo Town.

Joondalup seeks EOIs to organize Vintage Car Speed ​​Classic

It was a series of classic car races through the streets of the city centre, which attracted over 4,000 spectators, including car enthusiasts from across Australia.

Camera iconJoondalup City once held the Joondalup City Speed ​​Classic in the late 1990s. Credit: Provided

The council has agreed to put $350,000 for consideration in its 2022-23 budget to sponsor the festival, which will be delivered by Justin Hunt Management, with a report saying it is expected to inject $1 million into the local economy and attract tens of thousands of people. Towards the city.

Mayor Albert Jacob said he was confident it would become an iconic feature of the Joondalup calendar, with the option for the town to sponsor the festival again in 2023 and 2024.

“In October, car enthusiasts will be in heaven and our downtown will literally be buzzing with cars of all makes, models and eras taking turns around the track and on display,” he said.

“But the action won’t just be on the track, the COVID-safe event will provide plenty of family fun and we expect the ripple effect for local businesses to be strong.”

The city of Joondalup will host the Automobile Festival.
Camera iconThe city of Joondalup will host the Automobile Festival. Credit: Supplied; City of Joondalup

Mr Jacob first flagged the idea of ​​holding a classic car racing event in the city center in 2020, which would be based on a ‘around the house’ style of racing that was established in the 1930s .

Joondalup Speed ​​Classic event could be revisited

It has become popular among regional towns, but now racing is only held in Albany and Northam, with events hosted by WA’s Vintage Sports Car Club.

This follows a previous council decision to set aside funds to pursue another major event after it was determined the city would not continue with the Kaleidoscope festival, which ran from 2016 to 2018.

However, director of governance and strategy, Jamie Parry, said that following the expression of interest process, a “slightly different format” to the originally proposed event was identified which would be over budget. of $200,000.

Joondalup will seek EOIs to organize Vintage Car Speed ​​Classic

He said this was particularly because it was becoming a two-day event, which was an option that advisers had shown ‘strong interest’ in.

A map of the proposed Festival of Motoring route in downtown Joondalup.
Camera iconA map of the proposed Festival of Motoring route in downtown Joondalup. Credit: Supplied; City of Joondalup

Sponsorship of the 2022 event was approved 10-3, with advisers John Raftis, Daniel Kingston and Russell Poliwka against.

Cr Raftis said while he was not against the event, he was concerned that there were other events that would be better for the City’s $350,000 contribution.

He said the city had embarked on an expression of interest process with a budget of $200,000 and it was now increased.

Cr Raftis also raised concerns about some of the key performance indicators, which would guide the City’s decision to continue the event in 2023 and 2024, such as achieving a customer satisfaction rating of at least 85 %.

“I think we like to set higher levels than that and if we’re going to spend $350,000, hopefully the people that are attracted to this event will be over 85% happy with it,” he said.

Justin Hunt said his team was excited to work with the city to “create another world-class event for their exciting portfolio” and would have “more great news and event details to share in due course.” “.

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