How to boost your racing car gaming skills

Here are some valuable pointers to improve your skills in racing car games along with other practical information that you can use.

With several racing games arriving from time to time, you will naturally want to hone your skills on console or PC. Here are some tips that will allow you to take many steps forward towards the same thing.

  1. Always draw from the training zones. Many people end up neglecting these areas with poor results. There are several options for quick races or even time trials that won’t impact your overall numbers. You can also make several settings while saving your settings if possible for future tests on the same circuits.
  2. Work the steering mechanism carefully. Figuring out the right feel on the steering wheel is hard work unless you’re a seasoned race car player. Most people usually take their steering wheel as their own physical vehicle disregarding the higher speeds in the game. The best way to do this is to take the car to a lower gear while veering left and right to the edges of the track, then going fast until you no longer feel in control. Reduce your sensitivity in the event of loss of control and crashes. With more enhancements, you can improve sensitivity and find a comfortable position faster.
  3. Learn to brake and accelerate properly. Pump or step on the brakes in tighter turns and release using the throttle while turning and be powerful in lighter turns. If you don’t know when to accelerate, just listen for engine noises from opponents. You can go to YouTube and see how other players are tackling different tracks. Get Pedal Cam views whenever you can.
  4. Adjust your hardware – If you don’t use pedals and steering wheel, get them quickly. If you have already adjusted the simulator mechanism, adjust the space between the pedals and the seat, the gear lever and the seat, and the pedals and the floor. You can further adjust the sensitivity if possible in your game. Dipping or raising your screen can make a big difference in overall performance.
  5. Discover the Track – You can also carefully memorize the details of the track, being aware of what lies ahead. You can continue to train on each track like any professional game racer. Master one track at a time.
  6. Take advantage of help and advice from other players, by browsing online communities, social groups and forums, while getting useful data or posting your questions for answers. In games where teams can be formed, try to discover teammates with considerable experience. Teams can sometimes have information saved on various race scenarios, which can help tune your car for specific events.
  7. Learn from the mistakes you make. Get playback videos on your tricks and find your mistakes. Also see what others are doing so you can learn faster.
  8. Use driving aids. Depending on the game you are playing, you will have several driver aids available. Use the same to focus on the abilities you want to improve. Use aids such as automatic transmission, brake assist or simply turn off the dynamic weather function, all while concentrating on proper acceleration without any distractions.
  9. Continue to challenge your own performance and increase the difficulty levels where and when you can.

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Remember to step out of your comfort bubble while playing. Try something new and unique. You may not have exhausted all your options if you think things through calmly. You can always keep getting better with practice and more attempts. Sometimes a new camera view is all you need to win (just an illustrative example)!


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