Lost Ark March Update Features Arkesia Grand Prix Race Event

Getting rid of the impending doom of the world is important for the sanity of every hero. For this reason, the developers present us with the Arkesia Grand Prix.

If you’re looking to clear your mind and relax after tough matches of Abyssal Raids, Guardian Radishes or Competitive Proving Grounds, there’s no need to look further than the Arkesia Grand Prix racing event. limited time, which will be available for next month, the developers inform us.

As far as currently known, in this mode two teams of seven players will compete, racing around a course while transforming and attempting to progress towards their objective while preventing the other team to progress. Progress can be earned by reaching the goal and, apparently, eating cake! The Arkesia Grand Prix will be live for approximately one month after the March update, until the April update is released.

An NPC named “Arkesia Grand Prix Manager” will arrive in all major cities except Prideholme to help you enter the event, granting you an “Event Daily Go to the Arena!” quest for players to enter.

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To participate in the Arkesia Grand Prix, players must be level 50 to participate in the event.

We think the event will be great fun to participate in and find it sad that players can only participate once per day. It would be much more interesting if it could be repeated as much as possible, with only the first daily participation giving rewards, so as not to cause balance issues in the game.

The developers are also advising players to take note that there is a known issue where messaging for this requirement is only available in English in-game.

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