NASCAR racing event at the Coliseum this Sunday – Annenberg Media

Monserrat Rodrigues is a graduate student with a master’s program in communications management. She was one of the few people allowed to enter the Colosseum. Nascar let her take pictures of the USC Racing team rolling around the track. Rodrigues says the USC car looked super cool but small!

RODRIGUES: It looked like a little rocket or a spaceship, and it just looks like I don’t know if you know Looney Tunes cartoons and stuff. It was like a little machine and it just had a lot of metal parts and stuff like that. And like the fact that they have like the USC logo and it was like gold and all that.

She expected to see the car take off like a rocket. Alas…

RODRIGUE: I just felt like it was super fast. But again, they could only go 20 miles an hour because of safety issues and other things.

The USC Racing Club built its car during the pandemic.

RODRIGUES: It felt pretty solid, strong, probably even stronger than the actual race cars. I grew up like watching, you know, NASCAR races with my dad, etc., but seeing a track in person and just being there was kind of cool and a fun effect. They built the track above the soccer field. So there’s still grass that’s still down there. But then there’s like a six-foot foundation and then there’s the asphalt that surrounds it.

The NASCAR race is this Sunday. Students get a discount on tickets, and if you get hooked, USC Racing Club is open to all majors and all years. It’s true that the majority of the team is made up of engineers, but you don’t have to be an engineer to get involved! And club executives say that by taking students out of the classroom and letting them apply textbook theories to real-world problems, USC’s Formula SAE Racing Club is producing some of the most talented and successful graduates. most wanted in the country.

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