Pocatello Motocross Park Hosts Nightly Racing Event

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) – $ 5,000 was up for grabs at Pocatello Motocross Park, which Dylan Bauer made the long trip to Gate City for.

“I’m from Spring Creek, Nevada,” Bauer said. “I left around 11 am and drove right here.”

Bauer took part in the Pocatello TMX Pro Challenge, an event for bikers of all ages in the region.

“I think it’s great what Jeremy Teel is doing for the community,” said Bauer. “It’s pretty big. If you ask me personally, I think there should be a track in every city. I love racing, and you can’t stop me.”

It’s a track that co-owner Teel says gives the surrounding community the opportunity to ride.

“We’re one of the only local tracks here,” Teel said. “Lots of other trails have closed, or they’re a two hour drive away. I mean there are definitely places to ride, but this is the closest for everyone in this area. Between here and Idaho Falls, there are a lot of people riding off-road motorcycles. “

One of those avid bikers was Wayne Sorensen from Ogden who spends a lot of time on the dirt.

“There are a few leads in between here at Ogden, and it’s always fun to go and explore new ones,” Sorensen said. “It’s good to support everyone.”

It was a chance for the competitors not only to compete, but also to shine under the lights.

“It’s just something about riding a track during the day and then coming back and riding the same track at night,” Teel said. “It’s a whole different feeling. There’s something about it. It’s exciting.”

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