Saint-Louis police continue to investigate street racing event as another is scheduled

ST. LOUIS – Another large group of runners for a “Circle St. Louis” event is slated to take place this weekend downtown, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. A similar large-scale racing event took place on Friday, October 8 by Reign, a restaurant the city has ordered closed for public nuisance.

The last car race, in which hundreds of drivers took part, caused accidents across the city, police said. Three people were arrested for leaving the scene of an accident / fleeing in the Gate District.

No further citation has been issued, but there are many cars that are wanted for reckless or reckless driving and leaking.

In a press release, the police department said officers “will actively follow vehicles during our current cruise and conduct follow-up investigations to hold reckless drivers accountable.”

“We will continue to work to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors to the city of Saint-Louis. “

The department is also asking residents to notify police if they see large groups of cars doing drag races or performing stunts.

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