Sandberg Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Race Car-Themed Bass Guitars

Following the launch of its special edition California Supreme bass in February, Sandberg keeps its 35th anniversary going strong with a new line of race car-themed high-octane bass guitars.

The range includes four models: the California TM equipped with active electronics in light gray with red and blue racing stripes, the split-coil California VS in British Racing Green, the California TT in ruby ​​red with cream racing stripes and the finished Dyna Coat Blue. Forty eight with orange stripes.

Each bass comes with aged hardware and receives Sandberg’s exclusive anti-aging treatment.

They also seem designed for speed – and no, we’re not talking in terms of playability; we mean in terms of literal speed. Watch them take on a selection of vintage sports cars in the teaser video below:

“Instruments and racing cars have a lot in common,” says Sandberg. “No matter whether it’s their sleek designs, rounded curves or jaw-dropping paintwork, both are unleashing adrenaline among enthusiasts and catching people’s attention all over the world.”

“We took this chance and delved into the world of racing car design to come up with this very special series of instruments.”

35th Anniversary Race Car designs are available now from select retailers. For more information, visit Sandberg.

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