the ultimate in performance, efficiency and durability

The Gen3 is the first formula car aligned with life cycle thinking with a clear path to second life and end of life for all tires, broken parts and battery cells. More:

  • The Gen3 will be zero carbon, maintaining the championship’s status as the first sport to be certified as zero carbon since its inception.
  • All broken carbon fiber parts will be recycled by an innovative process from the aeronautics and aerospace industry into new reusable fibers for other applications.
  • A pioneering process will provide 26% sustainable materials in tire composition.
  • The Gen3 is powered by electric motors which are significantly more efficient than ICEs as they can convert over 90% of electrical energy into mechanical energy (motion) compared to approx. 40% in high-efficiency ICEs.
  • All suppliers are required to meet strict sustainability KPIs, including achieving FIA 3* Environmental Accreditation by Season 9.

Jean Todt, FIA President, said: “The new Gen3 Formula E single-seater is a car created at the intersection of high performance, efficiency and durability. The work done by the FIA ​​teams in conjunction with Formula E, since the launch of the discipline eight seasons ago, tirelessly seeks to drive innovation and foster the development of sustainable mobility. I am convinced that this new car will take Formula E to the next level.”

Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle said: “In designing the Gen3 car, we sought to demonstrate that high performance, efficiency and durability can coexist without compromise. Together with the FIA, we have built the most efficient and durable high performance racing car in the world.

“The Gen3 is our fastest, lightest, strongest and most efficient race car to date. It’s a creature built for its habitat: racing through city streets in wheel-to-wheel combat. We can’t wait to see it inspire and excite the next generation of motorsport fans in cities around the world from Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

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