Tired children ‘begging to come home’ after ‘shambolic’ race and fireworks

A mom who took her boys to the event shared how they begged to come home, after the cars got stuck in the mud and they were left sitting in the cold and bored in the overcrowded stadium

Stockcars desperately try to make their way through the mud at Odsal Top

A racing event and fireworks display were called a “disaster” by participants after the cars got stuck in the mud and the fireworks failed to impress.

Hannah, a 30-year-old mother of two, took her boys to the stock car race night, promising them it would be a night to remember.

But she has now recounted how they begged to return home, after the cars got stuck in the mud and were left sitting out in the cold and bored in the crowded stadium while waiting for the fun to continue. .

Hannah, from Brighouse in West Yorks, spent £ 36 on tickets for herself, her children and her mother at the event at Odsal Top on Saturday night.

She said Yorkshire Live there must have been “about 5,000 people with a lot of disappointed children.”

“I had told my eight and two year old sons about it, telling them how good it was going to be, but all they were asking me was when could they come home,” a- she declared.

“It was supposed to be stock car races, banger races, monster trucks and £ 10,000 of fireworks.

“This whole thing from start to finish was a disaster and should have ended much sooner than it was.

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A mom who attended the event with her two sons said it was a disaster “from start to finish”


Hannah Louise / Facebook)

“It started at 4:30 pm and ended at 8:30 pm and most of the time we were just sitting cold and bored waiting for the tractors to pull the cars off the track because it was a mud bath.

“There were four races that took a little while because of all the cars stuck in the mud, then an hour of waiting for the tractors to get them all off the track between each race.

“The monster truck was canceled for health and safety reasons, which I cannot understand even though it is much bigger than the tractors which go perfectly well on the track.

“The kids were bored because there was nothing to keep them entertained. Rather than putting two more races on the fireworks, it should have been done early and the event ended early.

“Forty-five minutes before the end, three-quarters of those present were gone – that’s how bad it was.

“We spoke to a few flight attendants who all agreed what a mess this was and that the event should have been over sooner.

“We waited until the end because after sitting in the cold for hours without entertainment, we figured we might as well see the fireworks.”

Cars got stuck in the mud at Odsal Top, ending the race


Hannah Louise / Facebook)

But the family ended up wishing they had gone to a standard bonfire, in which Hannah said the fireworks would have been just as good.

“We were completely disappointed with it all and felt it was a waste of money, especially for the price we paid,” she said. “I’m pretty sure everyone else in the room would agree, which was a clear indication of how many people left early.”

Hannah said the “poor stewards” were abused by participants unhappy with their experience, which she said was “also unfair”.

And another man wrote on the Startrax Stockcar Racing Facebook page: “Last night was horrible, poorly organized, half of the event didn’t even take place, no monster trucks as advertised, the” fire d ‘Spectacular £ 10,000 firework’ was far from it, the staff were rude and swearing in front of the children, but yet to see a race take place.

“The commentator has done his best to generate excitement in the face of what can only be considered a disaster, but the odds were stacked against him. A waste of time and money.”

And one woman wrote: “My family goes to watch the races here a lot and it’s amazing! Tonight was appalling. Complete discomfort for the sport.

“Poor kids are emptied. No monster trucks and not a lot of shopping. I feel sorry for the drivers too. The attitude of the staff / stewards was beyond ignorance and rudeness. Nowhere to be. hold, the younger ones could not see. A refund is absolutely necessary! “

Startrax Stockcar race director Steve apologized on the event’s Facebook page, saying the company had apologized “wholeheartedly.”

“Let us assure you that we have been involved in Motorsport and Odsal for 27 years and indeed promoted at Odsal until it closed in 1997,” he said.

“We have also invested heavily in his return for 2021. He has hosted 11 successful events in 2021 so far, including the World Stock Car Finals just last month.

“We care passionately about what we do and believe us we are devastated and we apologize for the weather and we had invested a lot to put on a great show.”

“It was deemed dangerous for the health and safety of Monster Trucks to participate, which we announced but only announced part of the show.

“I’m not apologizing, it was not a pleasant night with time for your family or for ourselves and we apologize to your family and friends.”

In a second post on his Facebook page, he wrote that the evening “will haunt me like a bad memory of retirement”, and he strongly denied that his company was looking to make a quick buck, saying its reputation was extremely important to them.

Anyone wishing for a refund should contact the company directly.

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