Vancouver 2022 Formula E racing event canceled

Organizers and the City of Vancouver say the event is now postponed, but a new date has yet to be set

Update April 22, 2022: Formula E 2022 has been postponed, according to the City of Vancouver.

One Stop Strategy Group Inc. (OSS) has elected to exercise its rights under the Host City Agreement to postpone the Formula E event currently scheduled for July 2022 in Vancouver to a later date, the city says per E-mail.

The City and the OSS Group will continue to work together and hope to announce a new date soon.

City staff will report back to Council at a date and time yet to be determined to seek Council’s approval of an updated Host City Agreement.

The OSS released the following statement: “After careful consideration with the City of Vancouver, the OSS Group has had to make the incredibly difficult decision to postpone Canadian E-Fest until 2023. The City of Vancouver fully supports the postponement. “Delivering a world-class event The event is of the utmost importance to the organization. We will be communicating with ticket holders through APTI, our ticketing partner, to advise of their options.”

VIA will update with more details as they become available.

The below article about Formula E in Vancouver was published on March 1, 2022:

This summer, the race cars will be back in downtown Vancouver, hurtling down a track near False Creek.

The iconic roar that usually accompanies said runs won’t.

The Formula E World Championship will see the Vancouver E-Prix take place on July 2, preceded by a long weekend of events of all kinds. The highlight of the weekend will be the 10th race of the 2022 season (so far there have been three), but before that there will be concerts, talks and cocktail parties.

The big race

The reason for all the hype is the race, which will start at 5 p.m. according to the current schedule, when 12 teams will take to the course around False Creek and Science World.

There are several differences between Formula 1 and Formula E, apart from the electric cars. The races are essentially timed, lasting 45 minutes and 1 lap. There are also boosts that fans have control over, giving popular racers a boost (determined before the race). There’s also “attack mode” which gives cars extra power.

On race day there will be cars on the track throughout the day, with two practices scheduled in the morning. The first big game (for league fans) will be at 1pm in the qualifying rounds.

Track time for others

Besides the official competition, the track will host a few other events. On Friday, July 1, a “celebrity race” is scheduled, but who will participate has not been revealed. And on race day, just before the big race, there will be a fun race between fans and drivers.

These are all races scheduled for the track, but on Friday evening people will be able to walk the track and experience the “Paddock”.

Never mind electric cars, what about digital cars?

Although this is an e-car event, that doesn’t mean everything will be spinning and windshields catching bugs.

On Thursday and Friday there will be an esports competition with a $50,000 prize pool that the winners will share. It actually starts before the weekend with online qualifiers and a tournament to determine seven of the eight competitors.

On Thursday, June 30, a live qualifying tournament will take place for a final spot in the big race. Then, on Friday, a final race will take place, to crown the champion (who will win $25,000).

A platform or game has yet to be announced, but will feature specific cars and courses to qualify for.

Sustainability Conference Features Global Leader, World’s Most Famous Legal Researcher

A conference on sustainable development will take place the same weekend and parallel to the race. The $2,500 tickets will allow attendees to attend workshops, courses, networking opportunities and talks from “the world’s top thinkers”.

Although a full speaker schedule has not been released, Erin Brokovich (the one the film is based on) and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon (who also won a significant number of honors) are both expected to speak.


There will be music. How much is yet to be seen as only one group has been announced.

Nickelback arrives for Canada Day.

No opening act has been announced, and while a second show is planned, no act has been announced. However, those who are already at the event for the race will be able to stay for the show.

Tickets for the Nickelback show are $103 and are only good for Friday’s concert.


There are a variety of ticket packages depending on what you are looking for. they went on sale in November.

Almost all are still available, although the cheapest grandstand tickets for the race have already sold out (at $150 a piece). The cheapest race tickets are now $200 and go all the way up to “Price on Request”. A step up is the Hospitality Package for $1,000 which includes a unique dining experience with “a selection of fine local food and beverages”, personalized VIP treatment. and extended access to the site.

Volunteers wanted

Organizers are looking for volunteers for Canadian E-Fest, so if you’re looking for a different way to experience the weekend, this might be an itinerary.

What is the course of the race?

It looks like this.

The sitemap for the Vancouver E-Prix and the Canadian E-Fest. Canadian E-Fest

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