The image of BMW today – that of a car manufacturer that builds sports cars, high-end, technical and highly innovative cars – goes back in time to 1930, when cars like the BMW 328 Roadster have seen the day. The 328 Roadster raced at Mille Miglia and it was a very innovative car when it came to aerodynamics. Many things that were on this car back then are also important today.

Built between 1936 and 1940, the BMW 328 set a milestone in automotive history and was the most successful sports car of the 1930s on the racing scene. At a time when powerful supercharged “Kompressor” machines reigned supreme, the BMW 328 Roadster – weighing only 780 kilograms and producing a modest 80 horsepower as standard – was considered one of the best racing cars that the we can buy.

1937 BMW 328 Roadster 6 750x563
The Roadster version, whose arrival would revolutionize the world of sports cars over the next two years, was unveiled almost as an afterthought, with no drumbeat or glitzy presentation. Of the 464 examples of the BMW 328 ever built, only around 200 have survived, including 120 in Germany.

1937 BMW 328 Roadster 12 750x563

And one of them traveled to Pebble Beach last week for the annual Concours d’Elegance. The BMWBLOG team was on hand to take some photos of this beautiful roadster which often sells for almost a million dollars.