‘Even the race car emoji on WhatsApp is red’ – Carlos Sainz was inspired to race for Ferrari after meeting this legend

“Even the race car emoji on WhatsApp is red” – Carlos Sainz was inspired to race for Ferrari after a chance meeting with this legendary driver.

Carlos Sainz is finally living his dream of being a Ferrari driver. It all started with meeting a legend when he was a kid. He revealed who the person was in a conversation with Ferrari’s media team.

“When I was 10, I went to Barcelona and had the chance to meet one of my greatest heroes, Michael Schumacher, and visit the Ferrari garage. The atmosphere there was just special, there is no such thing, so I guess the easiest way to describe what it means to me to join Scuderia Ferrari is a childhood dream come true.

“However, from my point of view, putting on the red racing suit and driving for this team is much more than just a dream. As a racing driver, it is a great honor and a great responsibility that I have really eager to live and assume.

Carlos Sainz is all about red!

Sainz also spoke about his fascination with the color red since childhood. After driving the orange McLaren, he now drives the red Ferrari of his dreams.

“I had a lot of little red cars back then and even my very first go-kart was completely red. Nowadays even the racing car emoji on WhatsApp is red! Every driver and racing fan knows what Scuderia Ferrari stands for and even if you are not a fan of motorsport or even if you don’t like cars at all, you still recognize the brand and associate the color red with Ferrari. ‘He is tall.

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