High speed horror crash at sidecar racing event in Adelaide

A high-speed horror impact at a sidecar racing event in Adelaide left a passenger with spinal injuries.

Shayne Melbourne was behind the wheel when her passenger Nick Johns threw meters off his bike at Gillman Speedway around 8 p.m. Saturday.

A driver and his passenger were seriously injured in an accident at an Adelaide speedway race. (New)

Paramedics were called to the track as the couple’s injuries were significant.

“I was at full throttle, I was like ‘am I going to miss?’ Then too late, bang, done,” Mr Melbourne told 9News.

Both were treated on the spot and then given the green light.

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Mr Johns later realized he was in a bad condition and went to hospital, where he was expected to stay for days.

“I spoke to him today, he has a couple of crushed vertebrae, he’s not well,” Mr Melbourne said.

It was the second major accident of the night.

Mr Melbourne said the condition of the runway was cause for concern.

One of the injured runners questioned the safety of the track.
One of the injured runners questioned the safety of the track. (New)

“The track surface looked great but it was hot and cold all night – very dry and slippery in others – a number of incidents where quite a few people were injured,” he said .

No race official received any complaints about the track last night.

9News was told the track meets international standards and safety features include rubber fencing and cornering airbags.

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