JRM GT23 is a Nissan GT-R race car homologated for £380,000

British race car builders JRM have created a 650bhp road track weapon that shares next to nothing with a standard GT-R

Nissan - JRM GT23 is a £380,000 Homologated Nissan GT-R Race Car - News

You will have heard the term “race car for the road” a hundred times, but the new JRM GT23 deserves it. It’s sort of based on a Nissan GT-R, which would be a really good starting point for a race car, but JRM has put together almost everything Nissan has included on the GT-R as part of the process .

JRM has been building racing GT-Rs for the better part of a decade and has now revealed a road-legal version. Only 23 will be built, each costing £380,000 ($500,000) and with the option to customize the sleek interior.

Nissan - JRM GT23 is a £380,000 Homologated Nissan GT-R Race Car - News

Every body panel – and the floor – is carbon fiber, and the company says the GT23 should weigh 500kg less than the standard GT-R, even with the ankle-length front splitter and expansive rear wing.

The 3.8-liter engine has undergone significant improvements. There are new pistons and connecting rods, updated camshafts and new turbos, and the whole engine has even been moved to the rear so the car is effectively mid-engined. Power is around 100hp to 650hp – it’s meant to be the ultimate driving experience rather than a 1000hp monster.

Nissan - JRM GT23 is a £380,000 Homologated Nissan GT-R Race Car - News

The GT23 has a new braking system with six-piston front calipers and huge 380mm discs (four-piston calipers and 335mm discs at the rear), but steel, not carbon ceramic. A new six-speed sequential gearbox was fitted, along with completely new wiring harnesses and ECU systems. JRM also redesigned the entire cooling system and a new crankcase, due to the repositioning of the engine. It seems the GT-R GT3’s suspension system wasn’t good enough either, so the GT23 has a completely reworked setup and racing wheel hubs. 18-inch aluminum wheels are available for track use and 20-inch carbon fiber wheels are designed for road use.

The Nissan GTR’s dated dashboard and infotainment system are replaced with a motorsport-inspired information display and removable steering wheel. Carbon fiber and Alcantara are widely used, and you can choose a bespoke interior color design. Six-point FIA-approved racing harnesses are fitted and each of the 23 buyers will receive personally fitted seats to ensure the perfect driving position.

Nissan - JRM GT23 is a £380,000 Homologated Nissan GT-R Race Car - News

It looks like a GT-R, but the level of mechanical overhaul means little is carried over. Considering the scale of the upgrades, the £380,000 price tag actually seems good value for money – although few will realize that this isn’t just a tart Nissan.

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