Nine arrested in street racing event outside Bass Pro stores

HILLBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Nine people were arrested by Hillsborough County deputies after participating in a street race earlier this month.

Undercover deputies were on the scene when street racing began in the parking lot of Bass Pro Shops in Tampa on January 9.

Ahead of the event, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office learned it was happening and took a ‘proactive approach to curbing street racing’ as part of ‘Operation Burnout’, the sheriff’s office said. .

After street racing began, deputies saw several people doing burnouts, donuts and driving recklessly through the field. Marked patrol cars entered the parking lot with the help of an aviation unit and the crowd began to disperse.

Nine men, aged 18 to 26, were arrested for reckless driving in connection with the incident.

The nine men arrested are: Jordan Barr, 23, Vincent Lopresti, 18, Jonathan Moylan, 26, Aaron Oliphant, 21, Kristopher Oliveros, 19, Jarred Payne, 22, Nicholas Plummer, 19, Zachary Thomas , 20 and Jaiden. Villanueva, 21 years old.

Seven of the nine men also face criminal misdeeds of $1,000 or more. Barr also faces a concealed weapon charge.

During the operation, the deputies carried out 139 roadside checks and issued 106 tickets and 40 warnings.

The sheriff’s office said they may be making more arrests.

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