The most beautiful sports racing cars

German powers Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz miss out on our top five of the most beautiful sports racing cars.

The list was drawn up recently in a serious conversation at the local.

Although the Germans missed the top five there, it was agreed that if the list had been the top 10, they could very well have dominated the grid.

Here are our five most beautiful sports racing cars:

Ferrari Testa Rossa

Only 22 were made, but the Testa Rossa 250 is probably more romantic than any prancing horse racer before or since. Produced from 1957 to 1958, it won races all over the world. You could get one at auction if you have $ 8 million in reserve.

Jaguar type D

The dominance of the D-Type Jaguar over Le Mans and other sports car racing in the mid-1950s was visually linked to most of its later racing and production sports cars, from the XKSS to the Type E, XK8 and the new F-type coupe and roadster.

Ferrari 330 P3

Extremely pretty, the 330 P3 looks as new and original as it did 48 years ago. It was Ferrari’s first fuel-injected racing car and while the car’s shapely proportions don’t give you goosebumps, the sound of its center-mounted V12 engine will bring tears to your eyes.

Ford GT40

No matter how the French-controlled FIA tried to bend the rules, the superb Lola-based GT40 looked like it could win with any Ford engine mounted between its rear wheels. Its shape is timeless and one of the most copied in the industry.

Bentley Speed ​​8

Winner of Le Mans for Bentley in 2003, 73 years after its previous victories on the Sarthe circuit, the magnificent Speed ​​8 of the VW brand gave additional impetus to Audi’s sports prototypes campaign, thanks to family ties of the VW empire.

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