Watch Randy Pobst and Justin Bell race for the Racing Line Cup

The last Race line Episode is one of a kind, host Randy Pobst takes on fellow professional racing driver Justin Bell in three different Lexus sports cars on three different racing tracks. In the previous episodes Randy was explaining different running techniques, now he applies those techniques in this episode, or as he says, “Turn preaching into practice”.

The two begin competition at the Road America track in Wisconsin in two identical Lexus GS F sedans. The two fight for the head, pushing the GS F to their limits. In the end, a pilot is barely able to score a 0.01 second victory. The winner won with a clean pass, a racing term explained by pilots after the race.

The two race car drivers then head to the East Coast to compete at New Jersey Motorsports Park in two Lexus RC F coupes. They run over the coupes around every corner, nearly colliding with each other as they come to each other. fight for 1st place. With a margin of just 0.04 seconds, a driver scores a solid victory using blocking, a racing strategy both of them explain after the race.

The final race takes place on the famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and in the automaker’s flagship and fastest sports car, the Lexus LC 500. Randy Pobst knows this circuit well due to the countless hot laps he has driven for. Motor trend, not to mention his many professional victories there, but Laguna Seca is where Justin Bell won his FIA GT2 World Championship. The two professionals clearly know this track well. The drivers race the LC 500s as if they were fighting for a real cup championship. The famous corkscrew turn of the track is where the winner makes his gesture to take the lead and keep it until the end. Randy and Justin discuss how pilots need the utmost focus to clear the checkered flag.

After three fierce races, who won the Race line championship cup? What techniques did they use to ensure victory? Watch the video below to find out.

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